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a full-service law firm providing counsel in domestic and international business transactions.

     MSC International Law Office is a full-service law firm providing counsel in domestic and international business transactions. We are deeply familiar with the Thai capital market, and represent a wide-range of clients with respect to issues concerning projects, energy and infrastructure development, M&A, stock market regulations, securities, government regulations, foreign direct investment and corporate rehabilitation. According to Asia-Pacific Legal 500, Sawita Suwansawat, our Founder and CEO, has been recognized as Next Generation Lawyer in the areas of Corporate Governance and Capital Market in 2016, 2017 and 2018, and she has been recognized as Next Generation Partner in the area of Capital Market in 2019.

                  MSC Auction is a subsidiary of MSC International Law Office Company Limited. We, MSC Auction, provides a full-service as an auctioneer for operating public auction in relation to all kinds of used items or antiques such as ancient relics, artifacts,  jewelries and other relevant items.

      MSC International Law Office has been named in honor of Praya Manusarabancha (Amporn Charuprakara), great-great-grandfather of the firm’s founder, Sawita Suwansawat. Sawita is the only person in 4 generations in the family who studies law and follows the footsteps of her great-great-grandfather by being lawyer....

      Amporn Charuprakara was born in 1880 (B.E. 2423). He descended from one of the monarchies of Malaysia who sent most of their children to study in Bangkok. Amporn studied law in the law school of the Ministry of Justice which was founded by Mahamat Ek H.R.H.Prince Krom Luang Ratchaburi Direkrit, son of His Majesty King Chulalongkorn (King Rama V), and he was a very first generation of law student who graduated from France. He became a Thai barrister in 1905 (B.E. 2448) when he was 25 years old, and he had served as a judge in the Ministry of Justice since 1906 (B.E.2449). Throughout his government service period as a judge, he was given the titles as follows:

In 1906 (B.E. 2449), Luang Prutthisarnprasit
In 1919 (B.E. 2462), Pra Sarathamvinijchai
In 1927 (B.E. 2470) Praya Manusarabancha

      He once had a letter to resign from government service in 1910 (B.E. 2453) by resignation according to Krom Luang Ratchaburi Direkirt from the case of Phaya Raka. Such resignation letter dated 2 June R.E. 129 showing the names of those who have resigned, namely Phraya Chakkaphani Sri Silar Prisut, Khunluang Phraya Kraisi, Phraya Thanakit Raksa, Phraya Manusarasatbancha, Luang Noraniti Banchakarn, Luang Suthamanuwat, Luang Praphai Phitayakhun, Luang Pradit Phichanakan, Luang Phakdi Vinitchai, Luang Phichit Satayakul, Luang Nititham Phithak, Luang Pariphon Photjanapisut, Luang Phisal Nithi, Luang Thararakmontri, Luang Amphai Phicharanakit, Mr. Boonchuay, Luang Wisan Vinijcha, Phraya Thamsarawet, Phraya Manutnet Banharn, Phra Anubutrsatracom, Luang Sri Satayarak, Luang Wichai Nitinat, Luang Sakon Satayakorn, Luang Arthorn Kaderatsadon, Mr. Chom, Luang Apibal Prapheni, Luang Prueksarnprasit, Luang Ruecha Pramuan, who later on His Majesty King Chulalongkorn (King Rama V) granted forgiveness to all of them to return to government service.

      In 1913 (B.E. 2456), he received royal grace from King Rama VI granting the surname “Charuprakara” to his family due to the family had expertise in gold plating and operated the gold plating shop named Natha Charuprakara (Nor. Thor. Jor. Kor.) which was located in the area of ​​Ti Thong Road, near to Wat Ratchabophit Sathit Mahasimaram.

      He married with Mrs. Soon Sarathamvinijchai (whose maiden name was Aksaramatti), daughter of Mrs. Huai Aksaramatti, having at least 3 son and daughters. After the first wife passed away, he married Khunying Prapai Charuprakara (whose maiden name was Whansuwan), daughter of Mr. Korn and Mrs. Heung Whanwuwan of Baan Bang Pla Ma, having 10 sons and daughters

      He resigned from the government service in 1932 (B.E. 2475) because he would like to avoid joining Khana Ratsadon (People's Party) of which his last position is the judge of the Supreme Court.

      He passed away on 23 May 1961 (B.E. 2504) while he was 81 years old.

      In honor and remembrance of Praya Manusarabancha (Amporn Charuprakara), the firm was named following the title of Praya Manusarabancha by having M from “Manu”S from “Sarabancha”, and C from the family’s name “Charuprakara”.

      Besides, MSC stand for Master of Science as we believe that in science, laws are a starting place. From there, scientists can then ask the questions, 'Why and how? If scientists find evidence that supports a hypothesis, the hypothesis is upgraded to a theory and if the theory is found to be correct, it is upgraded to a law.

      Besides, MSC also represent Most Significant Client which is our motto. We treat our clients as most significant person and our family.

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MSC Grand Opening 2019

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